Kim Mulkey has arrived in Baton Rouge and she was greeted by a number of current coaches LSU coaches on Monday morning.

As Coach Mulkey was talking to Coach O on campus, Mulkey asked Coach O a question about where he is from and his response was, "Yes, Ma'am."

The new LSU Women's coach replied jokingly, "Don't you Ma'am me, I'm young than you." Such great stuff here.

The funny gesture was all caught on camera and the two LSU coaches seemed to really enjoy their visit.

Being that Coach O is from south Louisiana, I didn't expect anything other than his response to Coach Mulkey's question, after all, he's a southern boy.

Oh, one more thing. The impersonation Coach Mulkey pulled off of Coach O as she approached him was pretty great too. Although it could use some work, her southern roots came through.

Here's their exchange as Coach Mulkey walks on to the LSU campus. And yes, Coach Orgeron is one year older than Coach Mulkey.

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