A New Orleans area man has been arrested in connection to a shooting that left a high school student as well as his stepsister dead. According to reports, there was "some sort of back-and-forth" on social media between the parties involved before the incident.

See the report from @NOLAnews on Twitter below.

According to the above report, 20-year-old Hollis Carter is being held on $375,000 bond at the Orleans Justice Center. He is being held on two counts of second degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder, as another party was left wounded in the shooting.

A senior at Edna Karr, Caleb Johnson was just weeks away from graduating when he, along with his stepsister Breyiana Brown, were found dead at an apartment complex in the New Orleans area.

As the report reads, Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson revealed that while detectives were still looking into motives for the shooting, there was an interaction on social media between the parties involved before the shooting occurred. While Ferguson was not able to point this interaction out as the true motive, he said that often times disputes they see originate from social media.

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