Have you ever completely screwed up royally while driving on a roundabout and felt like the worst driver in the history of paved roads? Don't sweat it, because these drivers are about to make you feel much better about it all.

I'll be honest with you. A couple of weekends ago, I had a roundabout meltdown while heading to Henderson to DJ a friend's wedding. It had been a while since I took the Henderson exit off of I-10 and had no idea there's now a good ole roundabout to sort traffic where it needs to go. Because of the sudden surprise, I screwed up and took the wrong exit on the roundabout, and wound up on the Basin, having to travel to the end of it so I could finally turn back around...using another roundabout.

Eventually, I got to where I needed to be, but deep down inside I certainly didn't feel good about my missteps while traveling. I've held on to these embarrassing feelings of roundabout inadequacy for a few weeks.

But then, I saw this video. I'm good now.

Cinder Petricor posted this video to Facebook saying "In rural Kentucky, they added a roundabout. Here's how it went!?

I can't confirm this video is actually from rural Kentucky, but I can confirm that this is one of the worst cases of roundabout perversion you may ever see.

Actually, the drivers screw it up so badly you'll probably have a tough time figuring out what's actually supposed to be going on.

Watch as this new roundabout completely confounds all who dare to travel its swirly paths of humiliation.

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