The NFL plans to have an interactive celebration of the games best players for the Pro Bowl, but without actually playing the game.

In an announcement made on their website, the league used a lot of words to describe what they will do with the league's All-Star game this season, before finally announcing they wouldn't be having the game at all.

Additionally, the league will work closely with the NFLPA and other partners, to create a variety of engaging activities to replace the Pro Bowl game this season. This virtual recognition of the season's finest players will provide fans the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of their favorite stars.

NFL to reimagine 2021 Pro Bowl -

It's no surprise the league won't host the exhibition game.

Despite it drawing decent TV ratings, the on field product for the game is awful. Players don't want to risk injury in an exhibition game, and it shows every year.

Pro Bowl rosters will still be selected.

While the league says the Pro Bowl will be reimagined, it does not specify what the interactive celebration will consist of.

Additionally, the NFL announced the 2022 Pro Bowl will be played in Las Vegas.

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