There have been rumblings and out right claims of fact via social media that Nicholls State University would be closing its doors for 12 days to alleviate the strains of budget cuts to the institution. Those rumblings and social media claims are not true. That's according to a man who should know. Dr. Bruce Murphy is  the president of Nicholls State and he says the stories about a tight budget are absolutely true but the idea the school would be closing is not.

In a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network Dr. Murphy explained that closing institutions for a number of days would be the last option the University of Louisiana System would take.  Dr. Dan Reneau is president of the University of Louisiana System and he said,

Higher education’s at a tipping point. The next 50 years probably lies in your hands in the next three weeks.

His remarks were directed at members of the Louisiana Legislature who have until March 9th to figure out the state's budget crisis. Currently that crisis is affecting parents and students attending our state's universities in a very negative way.

Conrad Appel is a Senator from Metarie,

I don’t think there’s one person on this stage, whether they be Democrat or Republican, that sincerely thinks we’re gonna close a school, and yet the news media has got this. Every time I turn around, Oh, we’re gonna shut down schools

Obviously the media didn't dream up the idea on their own,  it had to come from somewhere. That is something that concerns Dr. Reneau. He says decisions will have to be made after the legislature has done their work in the special session. Meanwhile Appel believes that the closing of schools could become a self fulfilling prophecy the more it is discussed in an open forum.

And make sure these news media folks know that this is not Nicholls is planning closure. It’s Nicholls is planning closure if we don’t take sufficient action to solve their problem

I guess we will all know more on March 9th about how we as a state will proceed when it comes to higher education. Our suggestion to you is to stay on top of your legislators and let them know how you feel. They were elected to represent you. If you don't tell them what you want they will do what they want.