Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed among other things:

  • The death of Lindy Boggs
  • Senator Mary Landrieu calling Louisiana a Purple State when referring to her abortion vote
  • Bill Maher blasting God and Dr. Ben Carson
  • Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's hair

Commenting on a topic from earlier in the morning when we discussed Kate Middleton's hair Bennetti said,

Are you saying Kate Middleton's hair is what Jennifer Anniston's hair used to be?...KPEL sends you all the way to London for the royal birthing and all you come back with is 'she's got nice hair'.

In a more serious vein we discussed the passing of former US Representative Lindy Boggs and Bennetti noted,

She spent almost 18 years in Congress and when she retired in 1990 she was the only white person representing a majority black district in all of the United States.  That's how beloved she was in Orleans Parish.  She also spent three years as Ambassador to the Vatican.

Concerning Senator Mary Landrieu's recent comments about her abortion vote Bennetti said,

It was not a good week for Mary Landrieu if you were out speaking and doing radio interviews.  She said 'Louisiana is not a red or a blue state but a purple state'.  Which I don't even know what that is.  Obviously she is completely wrong when five of the six Congressmen are Republican in your state, when every statewide elected official is Republican.  And the Democrats who are not Republican are becoming Republican almost every other week.  How can you not say that Louisiana is not a conservative Republican state.  At a small committee meeting she chaired on Wednesday she said 'there are a few small glitches in Obamacare'.


Saturday mornings are usually a relaxed time at Bennetti's home but this Saturday he made the mistake of watching a repeat of the Bill Mahr Show and said,

I'm strongly against any form of censorship but there needs to be some form of 'self censorship'.  Bill Mahr said that God is a psychotic mass murderer.  His exact words were 'explain to me how a book written by God who's perfect has so much, it's pro-slavery, pro-polegemy, it's homophobic.   Yeah, God in the Old Testament is a psychotic mass-murderer.  WHAT?

Bennetti had a lot more to say about Senator Mary Landrieu, Lindsy Boggs, Dr. Ben Carson and Bill Mahr which you can hear by listening to the interview:

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