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Has "Jane's Revenge" Hit A Louisiana Pregnancy Center?

A pro-life pregnancy center in Baton Rouge was vandalized overnight. It's one of a string of vandalisms of this type across the country, many of which have been attributed to a group called "Jane's Revenge." The group claims it is targeting "fake clinics," which by their definition means "clinics that don't actually offer to kill your unborn child." As of the time these show notes went live, we don't know for sure that Jane's Revenge is responsible for this attack in Louisiana, but they are going all-in elsewhere in the country.

Here is Louisiana Right to Life's press release.

Late last night, Woman’s New Life Clinic in Baton Rouge was attacked allegedly by Jane’s Revenge, a dangerous pro-abortion group that targets pregnancy centers. The group is responsible for other attacks across the country including arson and firebombing. The messages, pictured above, plastered on the building included the number “1312” and the phrase, “ACAB,” which is an acronym for “All Cops Are Bastards.”  The messages also included the words “abortion is a right.”

Woman’s New Life Clinic (WNLC) is a professional medical and mental health clinic with locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge providing free, nurturing care to women in unplanned pregnancies as well as additional low-cost women’s health services, such as STI testing and treatment, well-woman care, urgent gynecologic care, and more.

You can find the rest of the release, as well as photos of the vandalism, here.

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Lafayette Senator Page Cortez
Photo courtesy of the Louisiana Senate

I am really starting to suspect our Republican legislators in Baton Rouge don't have the heart to fight back against John Bel Edwards anymore. The announcement is out: No veto override session. Jeff Sadow, associate professor of political science at Louisiana State University Shreveport, was on Moon Griffon's show this morning and what he said, I largely agree with.

A veto override session isn't just about overriding vetoes. It's also about verifying that your elected officials are actually honest with their voters. It's one thing to vote for something you know that Edwards will veto. It's another thing to stand by that in a veto override vote. If you're not willing to do the latter, your former vote is suspect.

A Strange Senate Rumor

This one is, frankly, mind-boggling. There has been a whisper campaign spilling into the public discourse that Tony Spell, the controversial pastor who fought COVID-19 restrictions at his church and won, might be running for Governor or Senate. Neither of which is true.

Rev. Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church says he is a not a candidate for United State Senate in this fall's election nor is he considering becoming a candidate.
The Baton Rouge Advocate reported Sunday that the pastor, who gained national attention for his determination to continue holding church during the pandemic, was "discussing" the possibility of making the race against U.S. Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana.
"This story is not coming from me but from a talk show host and a reporter who said, 'You would make a great candidate for the Senate against Kennedy. Why don't you run?' The talk show host even sent a political consultant to see me! The only 'discussion' I've had about the race is with them, answering their questions. However, as I told all of them, why would I want to take a step down? Being a pastor is the highest calling there is, and I'm not running for anything, certainly not this year." Rev. Spell said.

There is a reason that the Baton Rouge media wants to spin this, though. They want Kennedy to have a challenger from the right. But... Spell ain't it.

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