The NYPD is investigating the arrest of a postal worker after cellphone video shows officers confronting and arresting him while he delivered packages on his route.

27-year-old Glen Grays was working his USPS shift on St. Patrick's Day when he claims he was almost hit by a black car while getting out of his mail truck. Grays shouted at the driver as he ducked back into his truck to avoid getting hit.

At that point, the driver of the car threw it into reverse and out hopped four plainclothes NYPD officers.

The driver allegedly told Grays he had the right of way because he was law enforcement. Eventually, the other three officers approached Grays to arrest him. Cellphone video was taken showing the confrontation, including audio of the officers telling Grays to stop resisting arrest, although the tape doesn't show any type of resistance.


Grays was arrested, while his mail truck and the packages it contained were left unattended.

To make matters worse, after being arrested the officer rear-ended another car while turning around to taunt the postal worker; this according to Grays, who hurt his shoulder and his face in the accident before being taken to the 71st precinct station where he was issued a summons for disorderly conduct that will require him to appear in court.

After receiving the summons, Grays was released.

Brooklyn borough president and former police officer Eric L. Adams says the YouTube video shocked him and he was especially "appalled" by the blatant civil rights violations,—against a federal employee nonetheless.

Grays doesn't have a record, and says he has never been arrested before. For those who may speculate that there may be some ongoing feud, or issue between the USPS worker and law enforcement—Grays says he LOVES police.

How do we know? He's marrying one.

NYPD says the four officers are still on active duty, but limited to patrol while the incident is being investigated. Grays says he doesn't want them to lose their jobs, but he believes they should be disciplined for what they did to him.

As always, there are two sides to the story—but based on what you saw in the video, did police overreact or were their actions justified?

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