We are at the point in the holiday gift-giving season where a man’s favorite Christmas tune has shifted from, Please, Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas to Oh, Holy Night. No, it’s not that the male of the species has suddenly got religion the expression is more about the realization that Christmas Day is less than two weeks away and the time to get cracking on gift-giving is now. 

The problem with the gift-giving paradox, yes, it is a paradox for men is that the ladies in our lives have sent us mixed messages on things they want, like, and or need throughout the course of the year. And this might come as a shock to you girls but there are actually a few of us guys who pay attention and make notes.  

So, you have to be careful what you wish for because around this time of year you just might get it. For example, if you’re attempting to vacuum the floor and the machine isn’t working and you say, “I wish I had a new vacuum cleaner” we take that as a hint. Or, if you make the suggestion that you’d like to have a cellphone holder for your car, yup, that’s a hint too.  


Now, just to be clear, men who have been in a relationship with a woman for more than five Christmases know the rule about electric plugs. Unless she specifically asked for it, under no circumstances are you supposed to purchase any gift that you can plugin for a woman you truly care about. If she requests it, that’s different. Or, if the gift is seen as “for the family” then you can skate by but if it’s your gift as the man in the relationship to her the woman in the relationship, you better have put some thought into it.  

Now that brings me to our discussion of what one Mom called “lazy gifts”. You know the kind of gift that seems thoughtful and personal until you realize that it’s not something any woman would really want or you just purchased something that will have the sole purpose of collecting dust. Either way, that’s not a really good gift.  

Here are some of the items that this particular lady would politely say “No Thank You” to if offered as a gift suggestion. We have them listed below, we also amended and added to her list of "lazy gifts" just to help keep you out of the doghouse over the holidays. After all, it's a long time until you'll have the chance to make up for the damage that you caused next Christmas. 

10 Lazy Man Gifts No Woman Really Wants

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