No doubt about it, I love living in Lafayette and Acadiana. I love it so much, I've never truly considered living anywhere else. It's hard to define what makes this place so irresistible to me. Is it the food? Is it the culture? Is it the music? When I start to try and put a finer point on it, I keep thinking of more reasons I love it here so much. Come to find out, the folks over at feel the same way, and are calling Lafayette "The Best City In America".

Now, this dubious title isn't composed from any certain, scientific criteria. This title is bestowed on Lafayette simply because of the pure admiration blogger Kezia Kamenetz feels for the Hub City. What I think is even more impressive is that Kamenetz is a Louisiana native and in lives in New Orleans. She could easily choose New Orleans as her pick for "Best City In America" but she chose Lafayette. Let's take a look at why.

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Have you ever wondered what the best city in Louisiana is? What about the best city in America? Well the facts are in: There’s such a city right here in our state. That’s right. Lafayette, LA, has been recognized time and again for the amazing array of features it offers.


Kamenetz goes on to gush about Lafayette's incredibly vibrant downtown area, our economic competitiveness, our rich Cajun culture and of course, our food!

There are many, many more reasons Kamenetz lists as why Lafayette wins her vote for "Best City In America", and you should definitely go read her full story at

Of all of the amazing things she has to say about Lafayette, there's one statement that says the most, in my opinion. At the end of her story, Kamenetz mentions last year's tragic theater shooting.

Kamenetz says that "even though Lafayette went through a lot after the shooting last year, the city has continued to show its brilliant, unshakable sparkle."

Not even gonna lie, when I read those words, I teared up.

I love this city. I can't imagine living, working and raising my children anywhere else in the entire world. Thank you to Kezia Kamenetz and for saying such amazing things about us.

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