There is a new form of help for businesswomen in Acadiana thanks to the George and Merilyn Crain Foundation.

The application portal is officially open today, Wednesday, December 1. You can apply starting today through the end of January for one of the $1,000 grants. The money is coming from the foundation and will be administered by the United Way of Acadiana through the United Way, Women United program. This program has the goal of helping to empower women who are looking to make changes become a reality in their communities.

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So, if you are a woman in business who is looking for money for a project, then you should definitely apply for one of the grants. It's all about giving women resources to help make changes where changes are needed in Acadiana. Women business owners in Acadia, Lafayette, St. Martin, and Vermilion Parishes are eligible for up to $1,000 whether you have an existing business or a new business.

Chairwoman of Women United says,

Sometimes a little help makes a huge difference. Empowering women has been at the heart of what Women United stands for and what we do, and we are so grateful to the George and Merilyn Crain Foundation for making this idea possible.

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According to the stated goals of Women United, they aim to improve the following in each community:

  • Financial stability for everyone
  • Education
  • Health

What are some of the eligibility requirements?

Women applying need to live in one of the four parishes covered by United Way in Acadiana including Lafayette, Acadia, St. Martin, or Vermilion Parishes. Click on this website, in order to being the process of applying for a grant. An announcement will be made in March about recipients.

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Merilyn Crain says,

We are thrilled to begin this program in partnership with Women United. We know there are talented women in our region who are just waiting for a little extra support to make their professional dreams come true. We look forward to learning more about the great initiatives happening in Acadiana and how a little extra support may help make the next great women business leader possible.

In addition to the grant money, women also have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor through Women United program for help in their endeavor. These mentors, according to officials, "will have access to financial education resources."

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