Last night three city-parish councilmen introduced an ordinance to allow Lafayette Utilities Systems customers to "opt out" of smart meter use.  Today one of the councilmen, William Theriot joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" to discuss the issue.

Theriot said constituents have called him requesting that they be given the chance to have the ordinance come up again to allow them to “opt out”.

Some people have raised questions about security, government control, health and other issues in relation to the smart meters.  The meters will allow LUS to be able to monitor utility usage remotely.  Truck would be able to basically drive through a neighborhood to collect the data about usage.

Last night Jared Bellard, Andy Naquin and William Theriot  introduced an ordinance that would allow Lafayette Utilities System customers to “opt out” of having a smart meter attached to their homes.

Listen to the interview with Councilman William Theriot: