Chef Pat Mould joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' where we discussed dyed Easter eggs and National Nutrition Month.

Chef Mould said,

With everyone gearing up for Easter brunch, lunch or dinner.  As Americans we have a tendency to overeat and here in Cajun country is always rice dressing potato salad and corn maque choux...then we throw in green beans cooked to death in bacon.

Mould had a suggestion on how to make the Easter meal a healthier one,

Offer some healthy options on your Easter buffet. What you do is serve those first on the buffet line so you sneak it in on people.  That way they'll put some of the healthy stuff on their plates first before they get to the rice dressing.

Chef Mould had a another suggestion for a healthier Easter,

Movement is essential after a meal.  Maybe get the family and take a walk or play some frisbee but get some movement going.

Chef Mould has more great tips for healthier eating and recipe ideas.  Take a listen to the interview to get more information:


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