As the Nov. 8 mid-term election approaches, the political attacks are beginning to heat up.

We've seen political ads that have been very clever and pointed, as well as a few that have turned up the shock factor to 11.

The back-and-forth between Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and Louisiana Senate Candidate Gary Chambers started with an ad pushing for the legalization of marijuana.

Chambers would continue dropping ads—on television, and on social media—calling out Kennedy by name.

Kennedy announced his re-election campaign in June, saying he'd rather drink weed killer than let down his constituents in the state of Louisiana.

According to WAFB, Kennedy "flooded" the inboxes of donors in response to Chambers' pointed ads, informing them that he was being out-fundraised by his democratic challenger and that Chambers was carrying all the momentum heading into the mid-term elections.


Kennedy warned donors that we couldn't "have another woke activist in the U.S. Senate," prompting yet another direct reply from Chambers.

Although it won't be on the ballot this November, another political campaign with a very pointed message has been heating up in New Orleans as a petition has garnered about 20% of the 53,000 signatures needed to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

But a political attack ad that was released on Wednesday (Sep. 28) hits close to home as Republican Congressional Candidate Holden Hoggatt took a direct shot at incumbent Congressman Clay Higgins (R-Lafayette) by parodying the popular St. Landry Crime Stoppers videos that put "Uncle Clay" on the map.

Hoggatt, an attorney and prosecutor for the 15th Judicial District Court in Lafayette, is one of seven challengers looking to unseat the three-term congressman in the upcoming Nov. 8 election; and while the republican challenger has already criticized Higgins over accusations related to his ex-wife and his alleged failure to pay child support, this ad is, by far, his most pointed attack yet.

The ad mocks the former St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Deputy with an actor who refers to Higgins as a "fraud" and accuses him of "abandoning hurricane victims"—referring to recent major storms that rocked Lake Charles and surround parts of southwest Louisiana

In 2016, a fraud was elected to Congress. The perpetrator, Clay Higgins, remains at large, and is wanted for putting a gun to his wife's head, threatening her if she divorced him and failing to pay child support for 17 years. He was last seen impersonating a congressman

We've reached out to Congressman Higgins' campaign office for a response to the ad but have not yet received a response.

This story will be updated when and if we hear back from the congressman's campaign.

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