The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to pass the $1.9 Covid relief package.

The vote was 219-212 according to CNN. One Louisiana Congressman says he voted against the package because less than 9% of the total budget of the bill is going to help with relief efforts for the Covid response.

Acadiana Congressman Clay Higgins says, via a press release, that he could not vote for the package because it doesn't do enough for relief efforts.

Higgins outlines the following as examples of the egregious things that he thinks should not have been part of this package:

  • He says tax money will be used for abortions.
  • It includes money for federal workers for fifteen weeks if they need to stay home with their children is school is being taught remotely. The would be able to receive $1,400 each week for a period of fifteen weeks.
  • He says the package includes $12 billion in foreign aid money.
  • He doesn't agree with the $50 million in the package that would be used for EPA environmental justice grants.
  • He says the package includes funding for "Pelosi's tunnel and Schumer's bridge".
  • The package includes $135 million for the National Endowment for the Arts and $135 million for the Humanities.
  • The package includes $200 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • He says it includes $250 billion to bail out bail out state and local governments.
  • He says this package would allow stimulus money to go to illegal immigrants.

No republicans voted for the Covid relief package. It will now head to the Senate for their consideration.

The following is Higgins' statement concerning is "no" vote:

I am a firm NO on this monstrosity of a bill. It is full of wasteful spending and liberal wish list items that have zero to do with COVID relief. The bill does nothing to encourage reopening our schools or ending government-mandated lockdowns. With over $1 trillion in already appropriated relief funding still unspent, doling out another $2 trillion is completely unjustified.




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