Protesters took to the streets of Baton Rouge last night as they were protesting the killing of Alton Sterling.

Sterling was gunned down by a Baton Rouge police officer during a recent altercation and a cell phone video shows that he was pinned to the ground when shot.

Since the shooting, we have learned that the U.S Justice Department will preside over the investigation of this shooting, still protestors wanted authorities to know that they are tired of police brutality.

The protesters did engage in various shouts near the crime scene and at point even got into the roadways near the store where Sterling was shot.

There have not been any reports of damage to property and city/state officials have asked the protesters to remain civil. A family member of Alton Sterling has also come forth and requested that all that protests remain peaceful.

This video surfaced on social media and it shows several protesters blocking an intersection and jumping on a truck. As of today, Wednesday afternoon, we have not seen any reports of arrests from the protest last night.

We will continue to follow this developing out of Baton Rouge.