Is Louisiana ready to accept legalized recreational cannabis consumption as a way of life? The state could be taking its first steps toward that scenario if a vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives goes the way supporters believe it will.

Legalized recreational cannabis and the instruments needed by the government to tax and regulate it are set to go before the full House for a vote this afternoon. The vote on Richard Nelson's measure has been delayed several times. But Nelson has told multiple media outlets that he intends for the legislation to go before the full House for a vote today.

Nelson had postponed previous votes suggesting that he wanted to make sure the legislation had enough support for passage. The House voted earlier in the session to decriminalize cannabis and Nelson believes that passage bodes well for his legislation.

A recent survey on the issue of cannabis in nine south and central legislative districts of the state conducted by JMC Analytics showed support for legalization in those areas of the state ranged from 64% to 84%. By the way, respondents to that survey were located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Alexandria.

Meanwhile, a similar statewide poll conducted in March found that support for legalized recreational cannabis was at 67%. However, the Louisiana Sheriff's Association has gone on record as opposing the legislation. But many in law enforcement, according to Representative Nelson, have told him that they're tired of chasing "potheads" and instead want to use their time to go after the real bad guys.

Representative Nelson's comments and opinions were chronicled quite nicely in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. You can read that full story right here. 

I just hope that should this pass and recreational cannabis become a thing in Louisiana that people won't go blowing all their money on something that will just go up in smoke. Perhaps, now would be a good time to reexamine your finances. 

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