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BREAKING: AOC Pretends To Be Arrested

Demography Isn't Destiny

Governor Ron DeSantis Facebook
Governor Ron DeSantis Facebook

Two polls in two states Democrats were sure would flip thanks to demographic changes are leaning heavily Republican - more than anyone expected.

In Florida:

The day before his speech, one of the national teacher unions that opposes him released a battleground-state survey showing voters approve of DeSantis’ education policy positions, and even some of his rhetoric.

The American Federation of Teachers circulated the poll, conducted by the Democratic firm Hart Research, as a call to arms for its members and allies to emphasize more popular proposals like spending more on schools and reducing class sizes, and de-emphasize fights that center on cultural issues.

And in Georgia:

In both cases, Democrats have been absolutely sure they could take back Florida and finally conquer Georgia. This isn't a matter of Joe Biden dragging Democrats down, by the way. This is on governance. Both governors beat all the odds where COVID and the economy are concerned and got places opened back up.

Biden Will Act On Climate Change Anyway

Since Joe Manchin has all but ended Democrats' revived hopes on a climate deal, progressives are pushing Joe Biden to take executive action, and it appears he might.

According to the Washington Post’s Jeff Stein, the White House is weighing “declaring national climate emergency as soon as this week, per sources.”

Biden has already employed the Defense Production Act in an extremely questionable action last month, saying they were utilizing it to produce more solar panels. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about it but wasn’t able to give any reasonable response to how this was justified.

Biden got away with that, without anyone calling him out on the legality of his actions. So now he’s going to go further.

Imposing a party’s political will wasn’t supposed to be the purpose of the Act — it was supposed to be in the case of a genuine emergency, like a war. Not being able to pass legislation to impose what they want isn’t an “emergency.” This is the government interjecting itself and dictating to private industry — to determine what can and cannot be done. This is against the very nature of our country. We’re not a Communist country, the government doesn’t get to do this and impose its will on private business.

President Biden Announces Ban Of Russian Oil Imports Amid War In Ukraine
Getty Images

Of course this wasn't what the Defense Production Act was meant for, and the Democrats know it. But when you can't follow the actual rule of law, you do whatever you can to pass your agenda. The problem is that the climate activists want to make our economic problems worse.

Some climate activists have urged the White House in recent months to deploy an emergency declaration to maximum effect, arguing that it would allow the president to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency to boost renewable-energy sources.

Why Are Democrats Spending Millions to Boost the Far-Right Fringe?

The Democrats were so sure of their ideological superiority that they picked up the age-old strategy of picking their own opponents via ad campaigns and donations. The result is that someone like Doug Mastriano, who is running for Governor of Pennsylvania, actually has a real chance of winning now. And it's horrifying liberals.

To say that the Democratic strategy of putting a thumb on the scale for these charlatans and conspiracy theorists, in this political climate, has alarmed prominent liberals would be an understatement. The MSNBC host Chris Hayes called it “insane.” Barack Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod, who once helped orchestrate similar manipulation, recently wrote that in the Trump era, “I fear the tactic.”

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