Today Louisiana begins phase 1 in opening backup during the coronavirus pandemic. Other states around the U.S. are doing the same, and as a result, top Bigfoot researchers are asking that as you begin to track Bigfoot again, please "wear your mask".

Todd Standing, a B.C. Sasquatch researcher tells that as everyone has been in quarantine, many wild animals have slowly been exploring areas usually teeming with humans.

So, what about Bigfoot? Does this mean we'll start seeing them skateboarding downtown in the parking garage? Standing tells of course not (darn it) “but they’ll inch back into it and be extremely cautious. I suspect even right now they're going to push into new territory, into the fringes of their territory.”

Bigfoot is clearly the "All-Time North American Social Distance Champion" but researchers say as we've been much more isolated, previously easy food sources for the Sasquatch have become scarce. Sasquatch could be roaming into areas previously avoided, as a result possibly coming in contact with COVID-19.

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"Worrisome for the Sasquatch hunters is if the Bigfoot is susceptible to COVID-19, which could have dire consequences on its population. Sasquatches are apes, after all, the researchers say, and human viruses have in the past done great damage to our close relatives."

As humans now start venturing back out while Sasquatch are still exploring previously avoided areas, researchers are asking that if you do plan to go looking for Bigfoot, be responsible and wear a face mask.

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