We took on today's internet obsession... the McDonald's ketchup shelf. It turns out this is a perfect way to eat ketchup with McDonald's fries. Thanks to our local McDonald's for sending over the goods for this experiment.


Twitter user @todayyearsoldig has my mind blown with this fun little fact.

The flap on the top of the McDonald's french fry box folds back to make a perfect little ketchup shelf for your dipping pleasure.

I've been doing the old "put a single squirt on each individual fry" trick my entire life, and let me tell you it is not easy or as enjoyable as dipping. Sometimes I ditch ketchup completely and pay the extra few cents for a side of ranch to dip my fries in to avoid the hassle of dip-less ketchup.

This french fry box ketchup shelf may have just changed my life.

Happy dipping!


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