The New Orleans Saints and the Lafayette-based Waitr/ASAP app are teaming up to make your Saints game-day concession experience that much better. Fans who attend Saints games in the 'Dome will now be able to use the Waitr/ASAP app to place concession stand orders.

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
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A similar service was announced earlier this year for fans of UL's Ragin Cajuns at Tigue Moore Field. Basically what the new service will allow you to do is to peruse the concession stand menu, place your order, and then you'll be notified when your order is ready for pickup. This should certainly cut down wait times in concession lines and fans will be able to spend more time watching the game from their seats too.

In order to utilize the service fans can simply download the Waitr/ASAP app via their smartphone or they can scan the QR code which will be posted on the concourse of the Superdome. This will take you directly to the order screens and from there it's merely a matter of deciding what you want.

Videos by JDOGG via YouTube
Videos by JDOGG via YouTube

For those fans of the legal drinking age who would like a beer or cocktail with their order, you should be able to do that too. Maybe using the Waitr/ASAP your beer won't get warm while you wait for the rest of your order to be completed. That would be a win for a lot of fans that I know.

The stadium service will also be available at Met-Life Stadium in New York the home of the Jets and the Giants and the company has plans to add more NFL stadiums in the future. Company officials say the new service such as the one being offered at the Superdome or the UL baseball complex in Lafayette is part of the company's rebranding as they switch from Waitr to ASAP.

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