If you're a guy and have a group of friends, chances are, at some point in your teenage or young adult life the group goes through the exercise of asking this question.

"If I have a daughter someday, which one of you would I not allow to date her?"

There's usually one, or maybe two obvious answers in any group of friends. It leads to laughs, ribbing, and friendly arguments.

The exercise usually gets reversed as well, with friends sharing which guy in their group seems like a sterling gentleman when it comes to dating women.

If you played sports, maybe the question has been asked in the locker room.

Malcolm Roach & Sean Payton
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At the start of training camp two weeks ago, New Orleans Saints tight end Juwan Johnson shared a TikTok he made from inside the locker room, asking players which teammate they wouldn't let date their daughter.

Saints beat reporter Amie Just shared it on her Twitter profile.

The first player asked the question is wide receiver Marquez Callaway, who thinks for a second before definitively saying it's defensive tackle Malcolm Roach.

A few players trade barbs by naming one another, Cam Jordan chimes in with his peculiar sense of humor, and master trash talker CJ Gardner-Johnson gets mentioned once, but then, it's back to Malcolm Roach.

Roach says it's Keith Washington, who responds it's definitely Roach.

If there was any doubt Roach is the leading candidate when it comes to the age-old question of "which one of you would I never let date my daughter?", defensive end Marcus Davenport solidifies it when he points out he doesn't have a daughter, or a sister, saying, "I wouldn't even let Malcolm date my cousin", as it's met with laughs.

Roach seems to have a good sense of humor about it all.

The native of Baton Rouge was a four-time All-State selection at Madison Prep, played collegiately at Texas, and signed with the Saints in 2020 as an undrafted free agent.

Roach is expected to be a bigger part of the defensive tackle rotation this season with the departure of Sheldon Rankins and Malcom Brown, and the 6-game suspension of David Onyemata.

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