It's almost time!  Students with Lafayette Parish Public Schools will be heading back for their first day of classes on August the 15th, and there at least a few topics that always generate questions from parents and students each year.

Nelda Broussard, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance and Health Services with the Lafayette Parish Public School System was a guest on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" to talk about those often talked about issues: cell phones, dress code, bus schedules and start times for schools.

Broussard says there has been another change to the cell phone policy in Lafayette Parish Public Schools for this school year and beyond.  When the policy was changed a couple of years ago, if a student was caught with a cell phone on campus anytime, the first offense would mean the student would lose their phone for five days, and any subsequent infraction would mean they would lose the phone for the entire year.  Broussard says the year long penalty will now apply to a first offense.

As far as bus schedules, Broussard says there are plenty of options to get the number you need for your child's trip to and from school.  As far as school start times and end times are the same with the exception of the David Thibodaux Career School. 

Broussard says as far as the dress code, skirts, shorts and skorts will have to be little longer and belts need to be plain.  Broussard covers the topics: