U-S Senator David Vitter joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to talk about current event.  We began the conversation talking about the nation's lunch program for kids, and the President's trips.

Vitter was able to talk to us about a variety of topics this morning including:


  • Lawmakers are looking ahead to the end of the Iraq war. President Obama has decided to pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq by December 31st. Testifying in a Senate hearing, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Iraq is moving forward as an emerging democracy and a growing source of stability in the volatile Middle East. He said, quote, "This is not about us, it's about what the Iraqis want to do." Arizona Republican John McCain called the end-of-year withdrawal an act of "political expediency." Senator McCain said security gains in Iraq could be wiped out after American forces leave. He warned about a resurgent al-Qaeda and growing threats from Iran. Meantime, President Obama will host Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the White House next month.
  • The U.S. is set to deploy hundreds of Marines to Australia as part of an effort to strengthen military ties with the continent. President Obama says the U.S. will begin the deployment with 250 Marines sometime next year. The announcement today alongside Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard kicks off the President's Australian visit as part of his tour through the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Federal officials are set to unveil new fuel economy rules today. The new regulations will require cars and light trucks to get 54-point-five miles a gallon by 2025. The "Detroit Free Press" reports the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency will make the announcement, which is in line with numbers announced by President Obama this summer as his target.