I've spoken to Senator David Vitter on a number of occasions about illegal immigration and how it relates to abuse of the political system. In 2009 he introduced an amendment to prevent funding for the collection of census data if it did not include citizenship and immigration status.

Vitter's 2009 effort was attacked as a "transparent political stunt" but 'lo and behold' the 2010 census took away a congressional seat from Louisiana but states with high numbers of illegal immigrants like Texas, Florida and Arizona gained congressional seats.

What the heck is a 'political stunt' when it calls for immigration status on a census form. We should be counting only legal U.S. citizens to determine federal spending and representation.

Today Vitter again introduced an amendment to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill that would require citizenship and immigration questions.

As Senator Vitter said,

The number of illegal immigrants has grown exponentially in recent years, and while my amendment won't get us an exact number, it's a necessary step to get accurate data about each state.

According to Vitter,

In the past, some states have included illegal immigrants during the census, resulting in the allocation of additional congressional seats...We shouldn't let these states be rewarded for skirting our federal laws and this amendment would help to stop this practice.

I am not against legal immigration but I feel it is time to stop the flow of refuges coming over the Mexican border. I find it disconcerting that the Mexican border is much less porous then any point on the Rio Grande.

Mexico is letting their problem become our problem and they certainly don't want to keep the refuges...because they can't afford to feed, clothe and give healthcare to the people that are helping to break our bank and distort congressional districts.

I think Pat Buchanan was right when he said we should build a less porous border fence. Further I think we should use U.S. military forces to protect our land. I know the military can't be used on our soil but what the heck the National Guard certainly can be used to protect the states. If worse comes to worst, station the U.S. military on the Mexican side of the border and dare the Mexican government to act. We're fighting wars all around the globe but letting hundreds of thousand of undocumented illegal aliens in to pillage our coffers. Not to mention the possibility of terrorists invading with the cover of 'immigration' to cloak their activities.

It's just my opinion and I know everybody's got one.