It seems like anytime we turn around these days we hear stories of people in Louisiana who are being robbed or having their cars stolen from them. An armed robbery of some construction workers was caught on a Ring Camera in Gentilly according to WWLTV.

When you see this shocking video you are going to be scared for the victims. It's broad daylight, and these workers are just doing what they are paid to be doing, they are working a construction job at a residential home.

The owners of the home Michael and Earl Benjamin-Robinson had no idea what was happening right outside their front door until the workers started asking for help after being robbed.

You can hear the assailants saying over and over again, "Give me the wallet".

Ring Doorbell


The armed robber forced one woman to go to her car to retrieve and turn over her wallet to him before hitting her before fleeing.

There are several things that law enforcement officials are saying that may help crack the case. A white car was seen passing by the home before the robbery and officials believe this incident is related to similar incidents that have been reported in the area. It's terrifying, but Benjamin-Robinson says they have lived in the house for twelve years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

He adds that he and his husband plan to offer free counseling to the workers. Benjamin-Robinson says this incident is another reminder that he needs to remember to be cognizant of his surroundings.

Ring Doorbell Armed Robbery

He says he feels confident that police will be able to find the offender(s).

Benjamin-Robinson says,

It's traumatic, especially for the young lady who was struck. My heart goes out to her.

He added,

I do believe in the goodness of all of us. I'm going to remain centered in that space, but I hope the young man is brought to justice.


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