I think we are all ready for the rain to stop. After a nightmare weekend where Halloween, football, grocery shopping, and anything that had to do with being outside was basically a soggy mess.We are ready for some sunshine. Don't hold your breath unless you can hold it until later today.

There are still  flood watches and warnings that are in effect for the area. Many rivers and streams will be experiencing a sharp rise over the next few days as all of this runoff makes its way downstream.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles say there is still a threat of some light rain and mist for the morning hours. The skies should brighten for the afternoon and there might be enough daylight left in this first workday back on standard time to actually catch a glimpse of the sun.

The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday is much better for those who are looking to do some drying and draining. Temperatures will be near 80 degrees for afternoon high temperatures and early morning low temperatures will be in the low to middle 60 degree range.

The break in the falling precipitation could be very short lived as forecasters are bringing a threat of showers back into the area by as early as Thursday. The long range forecast for South Louisiana indicates that next weekend could be another wet and soggy adventure as well. However, that is still a long way away and forecasters will have to fine tune the timing on any rain for next Saturday and Sunday.