Last week, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles removed herself from competition to focus on her mental health.

The 24-year old U.S. Gymnast star will compete in the balance beam final on Tuesday.

Biles will be joined by all-around gold medalist Suni Lee.

The balance beam final is the last women's gymnastics event at the Tokyo Olympics.

Biles won Bronze in the balance beam at the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics, the sole event in 2016 she didn't win Gold in.

Biles has become a topic of debate over the last week.

Some pundits have been critical of her decision to remove herself from competition (including team competition), while others have defended her, opening up a conversation about mental health.

Biles defended herself against critics on her Instagram account Friday, explaining she was experiencing a phenomenon gymnasts call "twisties".

Explaining her "mind and body are simply not in sync", Biles added, "I don't think you realize how dangerous this is on hard/competition surface. Nor do I have to explain why I put health first."

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