Carencro residents just got some great news. Things are about to get a little safer, and some residents might be saving some money as well.

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City Of Carencro Building New Fire Station

The City of Carencro is building a new fire station which is expected to cost close to 3 million dollars, with an additional 2 million going to purchase two new fire trucks and squad vehicles.

According to KATC, the 5 million dollar project will be paid using bonds and sewer tax dollars.

Carencro's new fire station, the third one for the city, will reportedly include a "fire history museum, magna grip exhaust system designed to capture the exhaust of fire trucks, showers" and more according to KATC.

How is all of this going to hopefully lessen homeowners insurance in Carencro?

With the addition of a third fire station, the city should see an improvement in the fire rating score.

That improvement is expected to lower insurance rates.

Fire Truck
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Carencro fire Chief David Mouton tells KATC -

"Basically the higher we get in our scores the better insurance premiums the citizens will have. But also for response time, we get a lot of calls in this area."

Depending on what the improved safety rating winds up being, some residents could save as much as $300 a year or more.

The new fire station is expected to be completed by August, 2022.


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