We are hearing a lot about the amazing powers of cannabis and products derived from refining the oils from that plant. Most of us when we think of cannabis think of the still very illegal in Louisiana product marijuana. But not all cannabidiol products are like marijuana, at least the kind you'd have to smoke to be able to stomach watching the season finale of the Bachelorette.

But a blunt and a bong hit are not the kind of cannabis that's causing an issue for some South Louisiana residents. The issue that is now being reported by some legal CDB products users is a positive result on an employment drug screen. You might wonder how that can happen when the product that's being used has been deemed legal for use in Louisiana.

The problem arises when trace amounts of THC, the chemical that makes you high from smoking pot, are included in some CDB  products. Small amounts of THC are allowed in some legal CBD products but that trace amount of a banned substance is enough to get you in serious trouble if your job does drug testing.

Reputable CDB product distributors and manufacturers should always let you know which products contain the trace amounts and which ones don't. So it all boils down to "buyer beware". Besides you really should know everything that you're putting in or on your body anyway. It only takes a simple question to verify whether the products you're choosing to use will also create a hiccup on a drug test.

If you're wondering who is authorized to sell these kinds of products in the state, we just happen to have a list of those businesses with permits for those sales right here. Many people do swear by the products as a great alternative for pain relief, anxiety relief, and even as a benefit for better heart health. We suggest you consult with your personal physician and buy from an authorized CBD dealer.

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