Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' we discussed an accident that occurred on private property with Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for LA State Police Troop I.  Recently we heard of an accident in a private parking lot where the party at fault was driving a car with no liability insurance, an expired inspection sticker, expired registration and had an unrestrained child in the car.  In that incident the driver was not issued a citation and we asked Hammons why not.

Hammon responded,

There are laws that effect our daily driving that are applicable only on a public roadway.  The other set of laws are those that are criminal. All the violations you noted are laws that are applied to driving on a public road.  If this driver had been driving under the influence he or she could be charged whether on a road or in a parking lot because DUI is a criminal offense.

According to Hammons if there is a law that you feel should be changed you should petition your lawmaker.  Hammons said,

As law enforement agents it's not our job to create laws but to enforce them.

To learn more about laws that don't pertain to private property listen to the interview:

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