Watch as a woman, who has to be from South Louisiana, critiques someone's attempt at making a gumbo.

The woman's thick Cajun accent says it all in the video below as she questions much of what is being done in preparation for what appears to be an okra gumbo.

It all starts with this woman noting that there's a lot of grease in the pot as she questions where the flour is for their roux.

However, my favorite part in all of this is when mentions that this is smoothed okra at best.

As for the person cooking this, I sure hope that is not a true attempt at cooking a gumbo. Please tell me that this did this to be comedic, there's no way anyone was going to eat this

TikTok via ChasityCaesar5
TikTok via ChasityCaesar5

So, check out this failed attempt to cook a gumbo here, and be sure to turn up the volume as this southern woman hilariously critiques the recipe.

One more thing, I'd pay to hear her commentary on sports or anything for that matter. I love this so much.


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