A recent study has come out with something so obvious that it boggles the mind that they need to put together a study for such things.  What they put their brains together on this one was unbelievable.  Fast food logos imprint on the brains of children.  Really?  Wow, any parent that is even remotely around their kids know this one.

I can't help but think to just the other day when I talked with my 3-year-old.  I asked him where we were going after I picked him up and he thought about it and said, "McDonalds."  What is it with kids and McDonalds?  They do have it burned in the brain.  Just shows me that someone with the company of the golden arches has done their marketing homework.

So, does this lead to obesity, as some will undoubtedly ask?  No, I think that eating more than you need actually leads to obesity.  Still, many will say that this is a problem to be solved by the government or some group that has our best in mind.  I personally think it has more to do with having a backbone.  In my case, I looked at my son and said, "No, we are not going to McDonalds."  He was fine, I was fine and last time I checked, we still love each other.

I would just sign off on this one as one of those stupid studies that shouldn't have been done, but it could potentially be more than that.  While it likely is a dumb study that we wasted money on, there are some that will take it as an excuse to regulate fast-food since it is so bad for us.  Hey, we're all getting ridiculously obese just looking at these places.  Personally, I say it's up to us to regulate ourselves and our children.  Also, would someone please pass the fire sauce?  I need it for my next Crunchy Taco Supreme.

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