As Texas residents from Galveston Island southward to South Padre Island have been keeping a close eye on the movement of Hurricane Beryl there was a violent reminder that even without a hurricane the waters of the Gulf of Mexico can be dangerous. An incident was reported yesterday, July 4th, by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that should concern anyone who wants to bathe in the waters of the Gulf.

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Shark attacks on humans have been on the increase. It certainly seems as though they have increased more than what has been reported. Last year, in 2023, there were 36 unprovoked shark bites reported on humans. That number was up slightly compared to 2022. Of those 36 "bites" two of them caused fatal injuries.

Most of the time when we hear of a shark attack in the Gulf South we turn our attention to the beaches of Florida. Last summer there were some incredible videos shared out of the Florida Panhandle and no, we don't recommend you follow the lead of any of these people seen in the video.


Over the July 4th holiday there were two people reportedly bitten by a shark in the waters off South Padre Island, Texas. Certainly, that's a far cry from the beaches of Florida but sharks do live everywhere in the Gulf of Mexico so a shark encounter at South Padre isn't that far-fetched.

Warning Graphic Video of Shark Attack at South Padre Island

According to reports a single shark believed to be about six feet long bit and injured two bathers. The animal reportedly "encountered" two more bathers but they were not injured. One of the shark bite victims was taken to a hospital in Brownsville, Texas, the other was airlifted for further treatment.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is the first shark encounter and attack experienced near South Padre Island in the past five years. The agency is going to continue to monitor beach conditions through the weekend as the area prepares for the arrival of Hurricane Beryl. That storm is forecast to make landfall near South Padre Island sometime on Monday.

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