It’s “Just My Opinion” texting is getting w-a-a-a-a-y out of control.  First let me say that I think texting is great as a tool of communication.  I text quite a lot because sometimes as Jack Webb would say on Dragnet, “just the facts mam” is all you need.  As with most things there is a time and a place to text but church in not either!  Recently I watched as a bridesmaid was texting throughout the ceremony she was supposed to be witnessing.  I think this must be some type of higher sin.  Later that evening I noticed the same young lady texting one handed over the shoulder of her dance partner.  In church I assumed she was texting the boy friend because she seemed to be alone while mingling before the service.  At the reception a young man who I also assume was the recipient of the church text messages joined her.  So, in church she was disrespecting the bride and groom, the minister and God and at the reception she was showing the same disdain for the current love of life.  Have we gotten so needy that we have to be entertained or occupied every waking moment of our lives?  It’s “Just My Opinion” but I think churches should return to rules followed in the old West, check your guns at the door, but in this case it’s “check your cell phones at the door or stay home”.