Well, the summer is still here and yes, the movies are still relatively bad. Today is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde type of situation. One movie was a lot of fun and enjoyable, whereas the other wasn’t nearly as fun. The two films that I went to see were The Zookeeper and Horrible Bosses. Let’s get down to business.

The Zookeeper

A pathetic excuse for comedy takes form in the constant falling down and physical humor that is The Zookeeper. It just didn’t make the cut for me. Now, I saw this movie as an adult male, and I will talk about it from that view point, but I will also try to see it from the viewpoint of a child, which is who the movie is directed at.

Cinematography 3/5

The main redeeming aspect of the movie was the CGI of the animals lips. Honestly, I’ve never liked whenever CGI put over animals mouths, but this did a pretty good job in making it look “relatively” decent. But nothing really took me. There were no really interesting shots that I said “wow” to.

Acting 2/5

I never thought that acting could be considered screaming and running into things. This movie is horribly acted. Kevin James’ style is so sporadic and seems like he is out of place. He was supposed to come off as awkward, but overdid it most of the time. The 2 points I gave to this aspect of the movie were for Rosario Dawson as she did a splendid job. She needs to avoid films like this and stick to her better roles.

Writing 1/5

Honestly, this film barely deserves a 1 at all. I think the writers were the stars of the film, primarily the animals. I do understand that this a movie made for kids, but how many times do you have to fall back on physical fall down humor? I counted that James’ character fell down about 11 to 12 times in the films. Honestly, it was pretty ridiculous on how simple the writers must have been. The ONLY reason that I gave it a 1 was because of Ken Jeong, the naked man in the trunk from the Hangover.

Editing 2/5

So rushed. It was editing that made the movie feel as though the time limit was so strict that they felt the need to make it work so instead of just adjusting the script, they kept the script the same way and just squeezed it in.

Story 2/5

It’s the most generic and over used story on the books. Nice guy does something, nice guy happens to be shy, nice guy does something different and realizes he doesn’t like being that way, nice guy overcomes his shyness and goes back to the way he was. Done. Story. Generic.

Sound 3/5

The score didn’t pop out at me at all. The main reason I gave it a 3 was for the use of the classic rock songs. Also, in refence to the voice acting, Adam Sandler has two voices total, his own and the strange raspy one. That’s it. Sure enough, Sandler manages to squeeze that voice in... a lot.

Closing Thoughts 13/30

This film barely deserves this score, but honestly just wasn’t good. Sure, it’s a good way to entertain your kids during the summer, but if you go for any other reason, you definately have a screw loose. Bad movie in my opinion.

Horrible Bosses

Hysterical movie that you should definitely take the time to go see soon. It’s nicely paced and well written. The thing that gave this movie a really funny edge was the chemistry between the actors. Let me explain why I like it.

Cinematography 3/5

Nothing really stood out to me as very special or interesting about the shooting of the film. Something that was well done was the character outfits or the way that they were dressed. Colin Ferril’s character was made to be a coke head, which was hysterical to look at. Also, side note, Jennifer Aniston is still hot at the age of 42. Not to say everyone at that age wouldn’t be beautiful, I’m gonna stop digging now...

Acting 4/5

This is one of the best parts of the film. The actors are all talented, and the chemistry between them is something that I loved about the film. The characters are well developed. The only thing about the characters is that I feel like the personalities were to meshed together and seemed alike,

Writing 4/5

This is something that I thought excelled within this film. It is so well written and funny to watch. I don’t know if the actors ad-libbed anything at all, or nothing, but if they didn’t, then bravo, because the dialogue seemed so natural and fluid.

Editing 3/5

This movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes, which is ideal for a dark comedy like this, but still felt a bit rushed. I could still follow it well enough, but did feel slightly rushed at times. They used some really good editing techniques that allowed for the film to do a scene quickly, but funny as well.

Story 4/5

This was a really good concept that was relatively unique. Certainly not the first time a movie has used the story where regular people attempt to murder someone they know, but they did it in a relatively new and hysterical way.

Sound 3/5

Nothing really stood out to me in this film. The score was relatively normal. I did enjoy the voice work from the SatNav character in the car.

Closing Thoughts 21/30

A really good movie to go see this summer if you are looking for a good laugh. It isn’t the greatest comedy, but certainly did make get a good belly laugh every once in a while. See it soon if you can.