This university started as a medical college almost 200 years ago.

When it comes to college, not every school is created equal. Each comes with its own traditions, morals, opportunities, student life and more. Schools also set their own requirements for students that are accepted. In my experience applying for colleges, on one end I was rejected by one school for being a student applying from out of state and on the other end I was immediately accepted to another school and offered a scholarship.

Any guesses on which school I went to?

24/7 Wall Street recently combed through data from the National Center for Education Statistics to compile a list of the Hardest Colleges to Get Into by State. This shouldn't discourage anyone from wanting to apply. In fact, a list like this makes me want to apply more because I find myself asking, "what if I get accepted?" That means something!

For Louisiana, Tulane University is the hardest school to get into.

According to 24/7 Wall Street, Tulane has an admission rate of 21.5 percent. Students can choose from 70 different majors in five schools and must also take part in local community service, which is a tradition that dates back to its founding in 1834. Tulane is a private institution in New Orleans.

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