Chances are you have these three ingredients already at home.

Weed killers for your yard can at times be expensive and even dangerous. Well, one person on social media claims to have the perfect concoction to kill the weeds around your home.

With the temperatures in south Louisiana warming up, things are growing in the yard that you honestly would rather not have, like weeds.

So, here's what you can use to create a perfect mixture to eliminate the weeds. According to the social media post, you need some Dawn liquid deterrgent, vinegar, and Epsom salt.

The recipe calls for such:

  • 1 gallon white vinegar
  • 2 cups epsom salt or table salt
  • ¼ cup dawn dishwashing soap

Here are the instructions for combining all, to create this homemade natural weed killer:

  • Pour the vinegar, dishsoap, and epsom salt into a spray bottle. Shake up until combined.
  • Let settle for 2 minutes then spray the weeds! Make sure you soak the entire weed with the formula.
  • Let sit for a day then come back and see them dead!

We should warn you here that whatever plant or grass you spray with this mixture, it will die. So, be very careful around the plants you want to keep in or around the yard.

For best results, you always want to spray the weeds in your yard or along the driveway in the afternoon hours, when they are not damp.

While skpetical if this mixture works, some on social meda have endorsed this natural weee killer. Check out what are saying about it, after trying it in their yard.



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