Tiger Woods has announced his official return to competition less than a year after a serious car accident that left golf fans wondering if he would ever play again. Woods and his son, Charlie, will compete together at the PNC Championship and it is sure to bring about some magical moments.

PNC Championship - Final Round
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It has been less than a year since golf's biggest star was injured in a serious car crash, but Tiger Woods is no stranger to adversity and has recuperated quickly enough to be competing before the end of the year. His son, Charlie, will join him as his playing partner at this year's PNC Championship in Orlando, FL.

See the announcement from @TigerWoods on Twitter below.

Tiger Woods' Comeback

Over the past few weeks, Woods has been spotted hitting golf balls and getting back into the game. The videos of Woods back in action set the world of golf ablaze, as his comeback seemed imminent. But after his February accident in California, many were concerned that Woods would never play again.

Twitter @MFSNTV
Twitter @MFSNTV

It was quite the scare for both Tiger Woods and all of his fans, but it is clear to see on social media that everyone is ecstatic that the golf phenom's recovery has gone so well that he can compete in the very same year that this accident occurred.

Yes, the hype is building as golf fans prepare to see Tiger and Charlie Woods back out on the course competing together.

The last PNC Championship that Tiger and Charlie competed in brought about some really special moments.

If you couldn't tell - Tiger and Charlie play really well together.

Will Tiger Woods play in The Masters?

While Tiger Woods said himself that he is competing as a Dad, his return to golf is certainly making fans wonder if he will be making any major tournament appearances any time soon.

See the crew from @ForePlayPod making predictions on if Tiger Woods will participate in The Masters next year.

Is Tiger Woods enjoying the time he has gotten with his son Charlie since the car accident that could've ended much worse? Most definitely. We will see the two in action in Orlando and fans will definitely get a better idea of where Tiger Woods is health-wise during that tournament.

But, is Tiger Woods ready and/or able to compete with the best golfers in the world at a Major tournament? Well, after all, he is Tiger Woods. So, anything can happen!

More reactions to the announcement of Tiger and Charlie playing before the year's end via Twitter below.

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