COVID-!9 has changed so much in the world, even what people think about their own tattoos. One effect the pandemic is having on people with tattoos is now nearly one third want them removed. It's because COVID-19 has made people slow down and reflect on their lives, bodies and past decisions.

Tattoos can be handsome, sexy, beautiful and they can be fun, meaningful or simply a hot mess. Especially the tats some people have gotten after having a bit too much to drink.

Removery is a laser tattoo removal company that has locations in 31 cities. Removery has seen a 30% jump in tattoo removals this year over last.

We thought it would be fun to use social media to ask folks here in Acadiana what image would they get as their first tattoo or they're next if they already had one. Here are the five most popular answers.

Images Folks Here in Acadiana Want for Their First or Next Tattoo

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