The Donald has come out swinging against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  That over Gov. Jindal's comments that the Republican Party needed to not be "the stupid party."  Donald Trump told Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel that because of that term being used, Jindal has now given Democrats something to label Republicans with.

Trump said,

I thought that term used by the governor was a disgrace, and he shouldn’t have used it. I thought it was very demeaning to the Republican Party … You don’t use the word 'stupid' because the word 'stupid' is now going to be a part of the vocabulary of the Democrats. I thought it was a horrible thing for him to say. Frankly, I thought it was stupid thing for him to say.

What say you?  Do you think it was a good thing for the Governor to say or do you agree with Donald Trump?  Vote in our poll and let us know what you think.

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