Six former Iberia Parish Deputies previously pleaded guilty to civil rights violations of prisoners and today they were joined by Jason Comeaux and David Hines. According to our news partner KATC Comeaux pleaded guilty to beating an inmate in the Parish Jail while Hines pleaded guilty to beating a man at his home at the direction of an unnamed high-ranking official.

Comeaux and the deputies who pleaded guilty before admit to bringing prisoners into the chapel to assault them. The chapel is the only part of the jail without surveillance cameras. According to Comeaux he was directed to beat the inmate by a superior and admits to lying to cover up the crime during a civil lawsuit.

On March 14, 2014 Hines admits to going to a man's home after being told by a superior to 'take care of him' because the man assaulted an elderly relative. Hines is said to have beat the man with a baton and falsified a police report.

Comeaux pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights, civil rights conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct. Hines pleaded guilty to deprivation of civil rights.

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