Two people accused of stealing money from Louisiana State University’s Eunice campus have pleaded guilty to theft of government funds and how now received their sentences.

Marvette Thomas used to be the director of the Office of Academic Assistance.  Thomas will go to jail for 14 months.

Thomas' former assistant Carra Sergent was sentenced to 12 months in a federal correctional facility.

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Foote sentenced the woman to the time Thursday.

The two women will start their jail time in 2014, but the facilities they will be sent to have not yet been decided.

Thomas has to report to prison on February 12, while Sergent will be required to report to jail on January 30.

Dr. Thomas headed up the Office of Academic Affairs at LSU-E, and Sergeant was the assistant director in that department.

So what did they spend the money on?  Authorities says both women admitted to spending the money on clothes, accessories, electronics, cookware and gifts for people in their family, social circles and at work.

Auditors say that Thomas spent at least $68,000, while Sergeant spent $74,000.

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