Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham calls the passage of the Farm Bill in the U.S. House a great day for America’s farmers. Abraham, who is the only member of Louisiana’s delegation on the agriculture committee, says it will help farmers recover from natural disasters.

“At least they can go back to their banker and say, ‘Look, I can try this one more time.”

Abraham says the legislation heading to the Senate also requires able-body adults to either work or participate in a job training program for 20 hours per week in order remain eligible for food stamps. The Republican from Richland Parish, says job training is guaranteed in the bill.

“It’s an on-ramp for these people that certainly want to improve their lives and I can tell you living in the delta, practicing medicine for these good people that do struggle t make ends meet… they want these jobs.  They want this training.”

Abraham says the House version of the Farm Bill also has provisions in it to help Louisiana dairy farmers. He says its an industry that has seen a sharp decline over the last decade as they’ve had trouble competing against the big dairy producers in Wisconsin.

“This Farm Bill does help them with some price supports, so we will see what happens in dairy. These are our good people that work from daylight really to midnight sometimes.”

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