Moon Griffon speaks with Sen. John Kennedy about the voter fraud allegations surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election and what Kennedy believes about it.

At the beginning of the interview, Moon asks Sen. Kennedy to speak on the issue

"President Trump has every right to express his opinion about the election and every right to go to court to challenge the results of the election," says Kennedy to Griffon in explaining why he believes the race for the White House is not over. "In America, when we disagree with elections, we don't effectuate coups in the street. We go to court. And this election is not final until all of the court cases are concluded."

U.S. John Kennedy also addresses what he is doing to help in President Donald Trump's fight to be re-elected to the White House amid the election fraud allegations presented by Trump's legal team.

"There were mail ballots flying around like confetti," says Kennedy, who lamented about votes still being counted as he says it turned from Election Day into "Election Month."

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