There's no doubt about it, Louisiana is the most unique state in the country. Naturally, that means our cities have unique nicknames.

Sure, there are other unique states out there. Rhode Island is unique due to being so small you could fit nearly 250 Rhode Islands into Texas. Florida is unique for pretty much all the wrong reasons. Alabama is unique because they invented the toothbrush. If it was invented anywhere else, it would be called the teethbrush.

I'm not saying other states are not unique, but I certainly am saying that no state can match Louisiana.

We throw the biggest parties and eat the best food. Our state is a melting pot of many different races and cultures, all making Louisiana the best state in the country. We have cities with the craziest names. I know you're already thinking about those cities who have names that will make you laugh 100% of the time. Come on, try saying Grosse Tete or Kickapoo while keeping a straight face. Heck, I feel like 99% of us can't even pronounce Atchafalaya.

There's no denying our state is the most unique, and the names of our cities are just as unique as the people who inhabit the. Did you know our state has some pretty unique nicknames as well?

Today, I found an awesome list on Wikipedia highlighting all of the nicknames for Louisiana cities. I consider myself a know-it-all when it comes to Louisiana, but admittedly, I have been humbled today. I didn't know most of these nicknames so I'm curious if these are news to you as well. I mean, I had no idea Baton Rouge had this nickname. Using Wikipedia's list, i could have listed 20 for New Orleans, so I'll only share the ones I didn't know before today.

Check out the nicknames for Louisiana cities according to Wikipedia!

Wikipedia Lists These Nicknames for Louisiana Cities

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