In addition to baseball, swimming, vacations, and barbeque's there are some other things that are supposed to be happening in households with children. Summer school activities tend to fall toward the bottom of the pile but now is not the time to put them off.

The Department of Health and Hospitals is suggesting to parents that if they are looking to avoid long lines at the doctor's office and difficulties in getting their child registered for school then now is the time to schedule vaccinations.

DHH Immunization Director Dr. Frank Welch told the Louisiana Radio Network why the middle of Summer is the best time to handle these school year chores.

During your summer break, why not just pick up the phone, call your pediatrician and ask if your child needs shots to get back into school. And if so schedule that appointment during the summer when it's not so busy.

Proof of vaccination is required for students entering school for the first time. In particular your school system will want to know that your child has been vaccinated against polio, mumps, measles, hepatitis, diptheria, and chicken pox.

In order to enter school in Louisiana you need to have a certain number of vaccines. Really what we do is assess not only when they enter school but two other times as well, Kindergarten and 6th grade.

For what vaccinations are required for later grades consult your school system or check with your pediatricians office. Chances are they are very familiar with what you'll need.