BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) - One of the suspects in the Madison Brooks rape case in Baton Rouge may have "predicted" the coming assault of Brooks, according to a video that was played during a hearing this week.

Casen Carver, the suspect who was in the front seat of the vehicle at the time of the attack, allegedly said in a video selfie "These guys are crazy. They finna rape her," according to Kerry Miller, Brooks' mother's lawyer in an interview with Fox News Digital.

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"During the 20 minutes the car was parked in the parking lot, prosecutors played video snippets. One of Kaivon (Washington) shoving Maddie down in the backseat, physically shoving her pushing her hard," she said, describing what was shown in the courtroom.

The hearing was scheduled over a motion by one of the defendant's lawyers.

Desmond Carter, 17, of Baton Rouge is being tried as an adult. His bond is currently set at $150,000, but his lawyer, Rosalind Freeman, wants it reduced to $75,000. Prosecutors disagreed, and during the hearing, please the seconds-long clip before the judge as part of the evidence they had against Carter.

Ultimately, the bond was reduced to $100,000.


Credit: East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
Credit: East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

DNA, Video, and Leaks

The revelation of what was played in the courtroom comes as the court has ordered evidence to be withheld from the public. The DA, Hillar Moore, filed a protective order in the case after Brooks' autopsy report was leaked, showing her blood alcohol level was lower than originally believed and that no DNA evidence matching any of the suspects was found inside her.

So while one of the attorneys in the case is out explaining what was shown in court, the actual evidence cannot be made public. More from Fox News:

The actual videos, evidence and surveillance images from businesses and homes near Reggie's Bar in LSU's social hot spot and crime-ridden Tigerland were shown during the hearing, Miller said.

However, none of the evidence can be released to the public or media following a heated confrontation between the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office and the suspects' lawyers over leaks, which was remedied by a court agreement between the two sides.

Miller, who was in court, told Fox News Digital about the court appearance based off his notes.

Carter's lawyer, Rosalind Freeman, did not return Fox News Digital's request for comment, and other suspects' lawyers declined to comment because they were not in court that day.

The hearing provided a deeper look into the events of the night Brooks was raped and ultimately died.

According to the reports from the hearing, Carter's video wasn't the only one shown, but it was the only video that allowed law enforcement to see what was actually happening in the vehicle in the moments leading up to the alleged rape.

Other videos, which included surveillance from around the scene, showed some of the attack, but one of the windows was obscured by a shirt that was hung up, preventing cameras from seeing inside.

All the suspects pleaded not guilty to all charges and have since maintained their innocence. Their lawyers argue the sex was consensual.

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