BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) - The case against the men accused of raping and abandoning LSU student Madison Brooks before her death has taken a bizarre turn.

The DNA results from Brooks' autopsy report were leaked, drawing criticism from the Baton Rouge prosecutor in charge of the case and calls from the NAACP for the charges to be dropped.

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The investigative team at WBRZ in Baton Rouge obtained laboratory reports and autopsy results, which apparently show that Brooks' blood alcohol level was lower than originally reported and that no DNA matching the suspects was found inside her.

More from WBRZ's report:

Genetic material from one of the accused men, Kaivon Washington, was found in Brooks' genital area, but there was no sign of vaginal trauma. The autopsy did not say whether the DNA was found in semen, bodily fluids or epithelial cells.

An abrasion and bruising on Brooks' back side prompted a forensic pathologist conducting the autopsy to note it was "highly suspicious for a sexual assault," but the separate lab report said there was insufficient male DNA present and no indication of when an assault might have occurred.

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III said Wednesday he stands by the case and is confident prosecutors can win a conviction. Moore added that he did not want to try this case in the media.

Baton Rouge DA Hillar Moore blasted the release of the autopsy report in a response to the TV station.

Based on the release of this information we will seek a protective order to prevent future discovery being placed in the public record and handed out in a piecemeal fashion to protect our ability to present a fair case for the State, its Victim and these defendants.

The DNA report which I presume that you were given speaks for itself as does each of the documents and statements that were provided at the same time. It is one piece of evidence and can’t and should not be viewed alone, but must be viewed with all of the other evidence and statements.

Kaivon Washington, Desmond Carter, and Casen Carver are facing first-degree rape charges in the matter. However, only Washington and Carter are accused of sexual conduct with Brooks that night. Carver, meanwhile, was driving the car the five people were riding in but prosecutors accuse him of facilitating the crime, which is why they pursued the rape charge against him, as well.

Washington is also facing a rape charge in Livingston Parish and was accused of sexual misconduct in 2021.

The NAACP in Baton Rouge called on the charges against the young men be dropped.

In the face of growing evidence, we, as a concerned group of citizens, challenge the unequal execution of justice that continues to disrupt our domestic tranquility. We turn to the timeless words in the Preamble of our Constitution to underscore the urgent need for a fair and balanced justice system.

The recent case involving Madison Brooks represents a glaring example of the skewed application of the law. Despite compelling DNA evidence indicating no involvement of the accused in the alleged crime, District Attorney Moore insists on moving forward with the prosecution.

The DNA report presents an undeniable truth: none of the accused men’s DNA was found in Ms. Brooks. In any standard scenario, this level of reasonable doubt would lead to the dismissal of charges. However, the DA appears intent on pressing forward.

The question, then, is why this case warrants such a substantial investment of resources, time, and public sentiment. Is the insistence on prosecution a response to societal pressure from covert racial hostility by some? After all, three of four of the accused are three young Black men who interacted with a young White woman.

The released DNA evidence affirms that no sexual intercourse occurred. Therefore, the notion of rape is objectively unfounded. This situation is starting to appear less like justice and more like a bad-faith prosecution against individuals who have already endured significant hardship.

In the pursuit of justice and domestic tranquility, as outlined in our Constitution, we strongly urge DA Moore to reconsider and dismiss the Madison Brooks case. It's time to ensure the principles of our nation are upheld and that the promise of justice is equally extended to all, irrespective of their race or socio-economic status.

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While legal experts noted the evidence does create a bit of a problem for the prosecution, it's far from the end of the case. One of the key aspects of the case hinges on the level of intoxication found in Brooks' system. Intoxication would impair the ability to actually give consent during sex, which is a key factor in rape prosecutions of this nature.

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