Thursday afternoon State Representative John Bel Edwards and US Senator David Vitter were questioned on 'Geaux Acadiana With Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin'. The candidates were asked the same three questions which are listed below. We have compiled their answers with Edwards answering first and Vitter second on each question as Edwards was interviewed by phone at 5:20 pm and Vitter joined the conversation in the second half hour of the show. If you missed any part of the discussions click on the link above and take a listen.

1) As a Catholic, how do you reconcile the differences between the lessons of the Good Samaritan and being anti-Syrian refugee?  Is this an example of faith being overtaken by politics?
2) Once this election is over, the next Governor is going to have to work with all Louisianians to make this state great.  What are some past examples of your efforts  to bring people together?  What areas do you see a need for more bi-partisanship?
3)  Everyone believes that the budget is the primary concern for Louisiana, what are your number 2 and 3 priorities?